While sitting here drinking a “handcrafted soda” made by the Thomas Kemper Soda Co.
called “Bumble Berry,” I find myself re-listening to, appropriately, the electroacoustic work, Bee,
by Apostolos Loufopoulos. A work which was inspired by the microcosmos of the kind of insects
which share an intensely energetic flying behavior. Most of the audio material comes from our natural environment filled with summer insects, sea-related sounds, and forest soundscapes, but transformed according to their individual morphologies at multiple levels. An acousmatic work that seems to place the listener right on the back of a bee as it quickly zigzags thru its flowery environment.
The work can be heard in its entirety below the video of Loufopoulos explaining its creation.

 (thanks to Ars Electronica)

Audio MP3

 (thanks to Apostolos Loufopoulos)