What better way to celebrate a hundred posts than to put up a great fireworks display presented in Linz, over the Donau (Danube) on the 3rd of September. 2011 – Feuerwelt. Eine Science-Fiction, plays with a fascinating idea: an extraterrestrial intelligence that wants only the best for humankind watches over the Earth and protects it. “Feuerwelt” (World of Fire) shows humankind’s search for this intelligence and depicts those moments in which the “aliens” have intervened in human history. This narrative is interwoven with human attempts to explain what cannot be grasped – by means of transcendence, mysticism and religion, as well as with the help of science. The work was inspired by the novel “Childhood’s End” by Arthur C. Clarke. The concept was by Beda Percht, the pyrotechnic visualization by Christian Czech and music by Thierry Zaboitzeff whom you may know from the group Art Zoyd. The video contains an edited 47 minutes. Sit back, in darkness, and enjoy.



(thanks to Manuel Lucca [treparus])