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Since the days when I was a single-digit midget, I’ve utilized number systems for sundry creative works – not obligatorily in terms of mathematical constructs, but rather as simple decision-making relational elements. Visual, audible, textual, and conceptual works – all under the influence of numbers utilizing some form of “desultoriness as springboard” ethos.

So, while sitting in a hotel room in Linz, Austria, I suddenly came across a series of categorical, electronically engendered numbers that worked, as intended, as a transposition of a passive conceptual event-structure (a duration of unknown length intentionally used solely to generate ideas) to an active one. This event (which, incidentally, happened just 9 minutes into what would’ve been John Cage’s 97th birthday on September 5) coupled with my perpetual desire to offload sundry elements of interest has thrust me into the clear parallel of repurposing my website from static biography-predicated to a dynamic one. A consequential, often unseen, issue for me deals with time cognation (as alluded to in my comments earlier) that will be a component of this website not only in subject matter, but in the actual non-linear publishing chronology of these posts. The system that I’m utilizing (under the form of this incipient active event-structure) yields postings that will not be from linear structured timelines: ergo the past will suddenly arise now, while the future will be indited at any time.

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Human nature²

human nature

un indicateur traduction de glissement

Four altered pictures of texts by Altagor and
an excerpt from my audio hommage to him.

qun kou nai dang    sikig (kabaliksan)

Saltara    fagrådet
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sajane curaposata


chveang kau’k

Experimenting with the sounds of glaciers by isolating certain frequencies
that they emit while having them “sit” on a bed of quiet water sound.

chveang kau_k

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Rod Stasick is a composer in the broad sense of the term. He is interested in the creation of event-systems for various situations. Template scores are often created using a combination of graphic signs and symbols that usually suggests a syncretism of styles and methods of performance. Using these methods, he produces works in diverse disciplines (audio, video, text, mail art, conceptualism, etc.) utilizing assorted influences: Eastern Philosophy, Fluxus, The Situationist International, Oulipo, Semiotics, Discrete Event-Systems, random numbers to revamp Zen planning and forms of Information Theory.

  • Psychoacoustics
  • Generative Music
  • Composition
  • Sound Diffusion
  • Interactive Art
  • Installation
  • Sound Design
  • Radiophonic Art
  • Field Recording
  • Electroacoustics
  • Sound Art
  • Performance
  • Sound & Image

  • His studies with Karlheinz Stockhausen (2001-2007) have renewed his interest in various aspects of compositional integration.

    Extensive number of performances
    of experimental works.

    Archivist for the Jerry Hunt Estate

    Percussion studies:

  • Steve McCall
  • Dennis Charles
  • Charles Hammond
  • Gary Burton

  • Eternally grateful to these folks who had, in person, taken the time to encourage me in my compositional work (chronologically listed):

  • Alan Watts
  • John Cage
  • Joseph Beuys
  • Jerry Hunt
  • Alvin Lucier
  • Robert Rauschenberg
  • Merce Cunningham
  • Buckminster Fuller
  • Nam June Paik
  • Charlotte Moorman
  • Anthony Braxton
  • David Tudor
  • Earle Brown
  • Pauline Oliveros
  • Ben Patterson
  • James Tenney
  • Christian Wolff
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen